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The planet is a big ball of land, water, people, wildlife and energy needing each other to succeed.    Everything we do individually has a huge effect on people all over the planet.

The chaos theory says that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Texas it can cause a tornado in Brazil.  I’m not sure that one tiny butterfly could do all that, but the chaos theory seems to adequately describe the world we are living in at the moment.

Protesters being shot in Syria by their own government would seem to have some bearing on the rest of the world but it’s a mere afterthought on a day when Tom and Katie have split up or when Lindsey Lohan shows up in court.  I’m not quite sure whether Tom and Katie have the ability to cause a tornado in Brazil, but I do know that what is happening in Syria certainly does.

The death of the polar bears on the polar ice cap should be a warning that we are consuming too much energy and causing great distress on the planet with our energy usage.  But that too gets very little airplay when Mitt Romney says it’s a moral outrage that President Obama used his four years of being the president to give uninsured people healthcare.  Tell that to the people who have insurance today who didn’t have it four years ago. I’m sure they’ll be adequately morally outraged.

In this crazy, lovely, world we all mean well.  We all love our families and our friends and those we are close to, but somehow we seem a society obsessed on minutia when there are really serious issues affecting every single one of us occurring by the minute.  Our humanity is challenged.   I guess this post is a plea to those in powerful positions in the media to  open your eyes and see what your coverage of garbage is doing to the planet.

Garbage seems a pretty apt description to explain the chaos theory.  When all over the world and right here in the US  there are important things happening that we should be learning lessons from and the head news story is that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing, we have forgotten our priorities.

I was originally going to write about Veterans Issues today and when I did a google search to source the story I found the Department of Veterans Affairs web site and realized I couldn’t really write the story I planned on. Things are improving, many more veterans are being helped and the website is packed full of useful information which is available to them.  Once again I wondered why I didn’t know that.

Yes I have spent the last 4 years being slightly apathetic from the joy that the former president was a former president, but I don’t live in a cave.  I watch tv often enough and read my Yahoo page often enough to know when there is an important story I am not being informed of.  There are important stories that affect everything from the air we breathe, to the waters we swim in, to the earth being swallowed up by plastic that matter to every single person on the planet and yet they feed us garbage.

I’m optimistic as there are peaceful protests going on all over the world to bring attention to these issues.  But it is time the media took some responsibility and realized that tabloid journalism works for the Enquirer it doesn’t work for the bigger picture it just leaves us in the chaos theory.



I woke up this morning and read that the GOP is still going to fight the health care bill they affectionately call Obama care.  All I could think of is why?

In one of the richest countries in the world, doesn’t every parent deserve the right to bring their child to a doctor when it comes down with a bad cough or something worse?  Doesn’t every person who gets a cancer diagnosis deserve to ask the question how will you heal me rather than how in heaven’s name am I going to pay for this?

Personally I think a single payer plan is the best option for a country like ours, but the powers that be think they won’t be electable if they go forward with such an option.  Of course those in Congress get their health care for free, so it really doesn’t matter to them if those they serve don’t have insurance.  All they care about is that tiny little thing they call their base and whether they can get them out to vote.

Our health care system is run by the same major corporations all over the country.   Being able to cross state lines and purchase health care will do nothing to solve the problem.  Some states have a huge safety net and I happen to live in one of them but what about those states that don’t have a safety net?  What happens to those who work for huge companies and get wonderful health care benefits who find themselves out of a job?  Health care provided by employers is one of the perks of living successful life.  But what happens when that life changes and you don’t change with it?  What happens to the self-employed?

We are all charitable and we all care about those who live among us but there is a huge disconnect when it is an unemployed landscaper who finds out he has leukemia.  Sure the neighborhood pitches in, kids open lemonade stands, churches band together, but think of a country where you could just support the family and not their health care needs?

In this country of change where the old rules don’t really apply to the vast majority of Americans doesn’t everyone deserve health care?  In my opinion yes, I too am disappointed about Obama care I wish it was broader and more available to everyone.  But then again, I think the health care bill passed and upheld in the Supreme Court is a good start.

Before I end this post, think about your own child and how you would feel if one day you woke up, your child had a high fever, you needed to take him to the doctor and you had no insurance.  How would you feel?  That is the feeling we have to take when it comes to universal health care.


I am overjoyed about the Supreme Court decision about health care.  This means that my son and my son’s friends will be covered by our insurance coverage until they are 27.  That is something that as a mom makes me very happy because it allows me to not worry about his health insurance.  I hope he doesn’t need it but I’m glad that it’s there if he does.

I hope the other measures are enacted soon so that health insurance coverage doesn’t take the place of health care here in the United States.  Everyone  of us knows someone who needs that bill now, be it my son or soon myself.   It works for every family in America to take one thing to worry about off the list of their quest for the American Dream.

I know there was a lot of opposition to this bill and it’s passage, but now that it is law and upheld by the Supreme Court we can move on to another subject like unemployment that affects the American Dream too.   And speaking of unemployment, that is where the health care bill will make the biggest difference as many people have their health insurance through their jobs and have lost it or can’t afford to pay for it.  Health care insurance is also being whittled down in many local government and state offices as they try to balance their budgets.  Some companies have had to do away with it completely.  So this bill is a win, win.

That is my viewpoint on this important victory and that is where I will leave my commentary for today.  Go hug your 20 year old and tell him how glad you are that you and he won’t have to worry about his healthcare.

Shalom means peace in Hebrew, Love is the universal language.  There is a need for peace and prayer now.  There are a lot of moving parts around the world waiting to explode.  We cannot just sit by and watch it happen.  We cannot do it on a world-wide basis but as one part of a larger whole it can be done.  We must find peace and love and prayer within ourselves and share it with our families, our friends and our neighbors.  They in turn must find peace and love and prayer and share it within their circles.  There will be some who will not hear the message or will not be willing to look at the world we are living in and see the possibilities.

There are a lot of people paying attention to the minutia being fed to us daily on our televisions, on our computers, in our newspapers.  There are a lot of people who believe in end time prophecies and think their religion is the only religion.  These people are lighting fuses all over the world and all over the internet.  If we are not careful and do not pay attention we won’t even see it coming.

The peaceful among us must stop this.  The only way to do that is to find peace, knowledge and wisdom.  For each person to take responsibility for themselves in the way they think, in the way they they form ideas about other countries and in the way they pray.  Many have beliefs they do not even question and they live their whole lives with their heads under the sand until a 9/11 happens.  Then the world listens but as we can see the world also forgets.

We are one universe and if we don’t start acting like it and watching out for other people’s children as we watch out for our own, only the universe knows what will happen.  We have to have a vision of a peaceful, loving world and share it with everyone we know.  We cannot leave this to our world leaders who seem unaware of the powderkegs being lit all around the world by the Arab spring and the economic devastation taking hold in so many countries.  As of now these protests are mostly peaceful but we don’t know what will happen tomorrow if the leaders of these countries do not start working for the people they represent.

It is time for us to take responsibility for ourselves and our world.  We can make peace within our families, make peace within our neighborhoods, we can make peace with our governments and we can pray for all of the people trying to bring forth peace and love as the universal language.  The universe is begging us for our help.  Say a prayer, offer peace, share your love.

Ball of Confusion

That’s what the world is today, vote for me and I’ll set you free.  No politician is ever going to set us free, they are too busy getting elected to do anything for us.  Only we have our own personal responsibility to change our world and set ourselves free.  Freedom means being able to do what you want and give what you have to others, be it a smile, a beautiful piece of art, or a protest on Wall Street.  Freedom means speaking our minds with peace in our hearts and love in our souls.

There are so many things that unite people and so many little things we can do every day to make the world a better place.  It all starts with me, the solitary me, who joins together with others and makes us work together.  We have to stop thinking of others as not part of our collective lives.  Just because a person’s race, class, or life experience is different than ours that does not make them separate, it makes them a fellow brother on the roadway of life.

All over the world there is chaos.  There is danger.  It is manifested in war, in poverty, in strange weather conditions.  If we look at the big picture we could be very afraid.  But when we wake up and take responsibility for ourselves and those around us we make the big picture smaller and if all of us did that just a little bit more than we do today we could all make this world a better place.

All over the world people are protesting peacefully, this makes the leaders of these countries nervous, but it is a beautiful thing to protest peacefully to make meaningful change.  We see local churches banding together to feed and clothe the people in their congregations who are hurting.  We see the government giving people unemployment insurance and food stamps so those who need it so they won’t fall through the cracks.  Everybody and everything has to work together to fix the problems and chaos of the world.

We are all connected to each other in some huge cosmic way.  We have to bring peace and love to ourselves and share it with everyone we can, be it the crying person we give a tissue to, the little baby we make laugh in the supermarket,( is there anything better in this whole universe than a laughing baby?)  Or is it something a little bit larger, like giving money or a cup of coffee or even just a little bit of compassion for the homeless veteran? Making sure our veterans are treated with respect when they come home from war.

There are opportunities everywhere to change our world. We don’t need to wait till an election to change it.  Bring peace, compassion, love and kindness to yourself, then share it with your neighbor, then share it with your town, then with your state, then your country and finally the world.  It all begins with the singular one and ends with the giant us.  There is no them, there is only a collection and a connection of us.

It’s a Disaster

As Tropical Storm Debby barrels across the Gulf Coast, it reminds me of those other natural disasters and how long and arduous the road back has been for so many.  Acts of nature are acts of nature and there really isn’t too much we can do about that, except perhaps treat Mother Nature like we treat and our own mothers.  Care for it and nurture it, keep it clean, use cleaner fuels, drink water from the tap or at least one of those big humungous jugs.  Other then that we can just sit and watch, hopefully from a safe distance.

We seem to forget in our daily lives that people live in these places.  As long as we don’t live there we don’t pay too much attention to the damage it does and how long it takes to fix it.  We complain about government intervention until the disaster falls on our doorstep, then the government can’t get there quickly enough.

If the disaster is big enough a telethon airs on television and people are generous and donate their time and money to help. But then the next disaster happens or Kim Kardashian breaks a nail and there goes the coverage and the remembrance that there are still people hurting.  Still people rebuilding their lives.

I think that is where the government should come in.  To help ordinary people when the media and the world move on to a different more important subject like Lindsey Lohan being rushed to the hospital.  God Bless Lindsey and I wish her well but her slide back into the dark side is not really more interesting then people in Vermont and Upstate NY who are still rebuilding after Hurricane Irene, or those people still displaced all these years later in New Orleans, and we won’t even mention Haiti or Japan. 

I’m not saying we should live in the past and Tropical Storm Debby(my name thank god it wasn’t a hurricane)is barreling through the gulf coast as we speak, but we should hold our elected officials, the people who work for us, to a higher standard and remind them that sometimes taxes(yes taxes) are needed to continue the work being done in these areas where help is needed.

So the next time some politicians talks to you about taxes and how horrible they are, think about how much of your tax money goes to sending them on junkets around the world and get your priorities straight.  If a tornado blew past your neighborhood would you want the government to help?  If the answer is yes, pay your taxes and keep your public officials honest and remember they work for us.

Good luck to all the people who have been affected and will be affected by Tropical storm Debby.  Our hearts are open and hopefully our wallets are too.


Hello world!

Hi!  My name is DebraAnn and I am a little left of center, perhaps a little bit leftier but whatever.  I have a passion for politics and a passion for the things that we have in common like kids, dogs, hatred of politicians.  You get the point.  By the way I don’t really hate politicians I just don’t think they remember that they work for us.

I hate the war, love Upstate New York(not exactly liberal country), think Obama has the potential to end up being a great president if he gets another 4 years.  But that being said I don’t think he’s done such a great job the first 4 years.Not so much because of him but because nobody seems to remember that we all have to live in this country and they have to do something.  I mean besides holler and try to get on television.

I like facts, those pesky little things.  I will source anything I can and I will source anything you write in response too, so if I can’t find it don’t post it.  I expect I’ll be getting to read the Fox News Channel a great deal.

That being said, all our lives are a circle so something said on the left coast, or the right coast or the country in between has some meaning for all of us.  We have to think about our kids, think about our vets, think about their kids, think about taxes(no matter how you slice it, it’s not a four letter word), think about the poor and the out of work and everybody else under the sun.  That is the part that we have in common, I think anyway.   Welcome to my blog and hopefully I’ll make you laugh and make you think.