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A disaster

Sometimes it takes a disaster to remind of us of a disaster and sometimes it takes a disaster to remind us what is really important in the world. The people we love are the important things in life. A home can be rebuilt, as can a business or anything outside of us, but a person is only here for a short while and then they are gone and it doesn’t matter if they are perfect or if they heed storm warnings if you love them or care about them.

This storm will in the long run after all the damage is counted put people back to work(with the right president at the helm anyway). The loss of life has been rather small so far which is an excellent thing considering how very big this storm was and how catastrophic it was to property and material things, but considering how many millions of people were in the storm path we were rather lucky in human terms. That means Thanksgiving will be a joyous holiday to be thankful for the family we are sitting around a table somewhere with eating the fruits of our labors.

So now we get to the disaster reminder. The Bush years were a tragedy in the making when it came to disaster relief and making the work of disaster repair right. They made promises they didn’t keep, they staffed important positions with political cronies, and they didn’t make any changes to our energy policy which have made many of the storms of the last 10 years stronger and fiercer. The human toll of Katrina was higher than Sandy at least so far. That is a statistic we should remember because many of the same architects of the Bush administration are floating around the Romney campaign. Do we really have any doubt that with Romney at the helm we will be in more wars, more planet killing policies and more natural disasters? I guess the timing of the storm could be seen as a reminder that if we vote for change on Tuesday we will be going back to a time when tax cuts are more important than the people who pay taxes and the interest of big business is more important than Main Street.

The next president will have a great impact on whether America or more precisely the places that are in the path of Sandy will be able to rebuild. He will have a big say in whether America is rebuilt by people in the community or Halliburton. I think it’s time to take a chance on people in the community and leave Halliburton out of it. I think it’s time we remember who we are and why we are here and put Americans back to work rebuilding their own lives and communities with the help of the country they love and have loved forever. It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get busy starting over not looking backwards. The Bush years set us backward as a nation for decades to come and not that I’m so sure Barack Obama is the be all and end all but he did put the people of the affected regions first and not the pocketbook of Halliburton first. So I’m going to give him a chance and see this storm as a lesson from God to change our ways and help our neighbors. Because all one really has to do is compare Hurricane Katrina and the loss of life then and Hurricane Sandy and the loss of life now and realize that government should work for the people not the other way around. We have an opportunity to move forward as our forefathers did and rebuild our communities ourselves, in my opinion that is the answer next Tuesday. Move forward and leave the Bush cronies in the past.


The Life of Ryan

Imagine you are a 45 year old man who has been out of work for a year. Your children are in their last year of high school, you are facing retirement in 20 years, your wife is ill. Imagine a world with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in office. You still have not been able to find a job because trickledown economics does not work for a huge number of Americans. There will be neither social security nor Medicare. Your wife does not have health insurance because Obama care was repealed and your children cannot go to college because you cannot afford it. Imagine what you will do, imagine the future for your children.

That is the life they are offering you, a life with all of the obstacles and hardships of living and no safety nets. I know we don’t like to pay taxes but really what is taxation without representation? They do not represent us. They represent huge corporations which have shipped jobs overseas. They represent rich oil barons in the Mideast. They represent corporate raiders who have raped the American economy. They represent the people the men who sold their souls to the devil who are so emboldened to the dollar that they have lost their vision of the American dream.

They have sold out Americans in large numbers and have made life harder for the average American. In communities all over the United States local and state taxes have sky rocketed because of the decrease in federal aid. There are fewer firemen, less teachers, less policemen. There are so many vacant stores all across the land that whole communities have been reduced to mere shadows of themselves. We have become a society of survival for the fittest and the heck with anyone not able to keep up.

It has become a struggle for everyone to put food on their table and keep their families healthy. Some people have managed to find prosperity and the American dream but fewer today are satisfied than 10 years ago. Perhaps it was 9/11, perhaps it was the Bush years, and perhaps it was Wall Street. Not quite sure what happened but the American landscape has been forever changed.

I will vote for Obama because I believe he has a vision and I will need healthcare. But even if I did not need healthcare I would not be able to vote for Mitt Romney. His vision for America sounds like a repeat of the Bush economy. He is no Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a man of vision; Mitt Romney is a fortunate son who is finally getting his chance with a sidekick who could set this country back for decades to come.

I’m not sure anybody reads this but I had to at least voice my imaginary concerns. We need to remember the teachings of Jesus and remember that he believed in peace and his fellow man. A man who cannot figure out a way to feed his family, send his children to school and take care of his sick wife is not at peace.

Vote for the Children

Our children need us to vote and to be very sure exactly what we are voting for. Times are tough at the moment and it is easy to pick scapegoats and to think perhaps a change is in order to correct the mess we are currently experiencing. But what price does that change come to our children?

If funding is cut off for education at the federal level, what will that do to children who live in poor school districts where the tax base is not so heavy? They will be lost. They will be adrift in a land where an education is needed to do anything in this world. When I was a child, there was not necessarily a need for an education to survive in the world, now even young adults coming out of college are unable to find jobs in their given fields.

If “Obama care” is done away with, what will happen to the children and their parents who are now just losing the fear of affordable health care? No parent should have to choose between health care for their children and food on the table, but yet it was a common practice not all that long ago. Not only children would be affected but young adults who are not guaranteed a job with health care benefits or anything more than minimum wage would be affected. And people with catastrophic illnesses who finally have the hardship of worrying about healthcare behind them will be forced back into the void of worrying that they might die while waiting for treatment.

If something is not done to stimulate the economy and job market what will happen to our children? There will be no jobs except those in retail outlets selling goods made out of this country. Why is it that we make nothing in this country anymore? Those are small businesses that add greatly to our country. Parents are especially hard hit in this country at the moment. They need jobs and security and are finding it harder and harder to cope with the uncertainty of finding a job or keeping the job they currently have.
And finally peace, what happens to our children if we find no peace on this planet? If we keep fighting endless wars we are creating enemies our children will be fighting for decades and centuries. Please pray for peace and hope. Our children need it. If there is to be a future we need to find peace and love amongst the masses. Our children will have to live in a more open society with many different ethnic backgrounds in the more global society. It is my hope after this election we will finally put an end to the climate of fear and hatred that has been promulgated since 9/11. It is time to work together with other countries and other leaders to improve the lives of our citizens both here and abroad.
It is important to vote in every election but this one this year is exceedingly important because in so many different ways it will affect our children. Please think of them.