Trust comes from inside us.   It cannot be bought; it cannot be paid for.  It has to just come from inside of us.  Do we trust the voice of spirit inside our head, the feeling of warmth from our heart or the cynical words of cynical people? 


The answer is clear we only have one choice, the feeling of warmth from our heart, the voice inside our head that says this is the place where we can find peace and joy.  Fear will keep us stuck in old patterns and in the past, trust says that we can move forward.  Trust requires faith and hope.  A new understanding of how the world works. 


If you trust in God and a loving universe you believe that God puts angels in place to help us move forward out of hardship, that we have learned the lessons we were sent here to learn and it is time to help ourselves and to help others.  It is time to share our lights and illuminate our darkness.


A lot of my darkness comes from the inability to trust.  I  sometimes live from a place of fear where there are boogey men around every corner.  I am setting the boogey men free and I am living from a place of hope and faith and a belief that there are angels here to guide me.  I can no longer believe in the boogeymen.  They have not served me well during my lifetime. 


I have to trust that I was put here for a reason and I have all the resources I need to move forward.  All of my angels are in place and it is time for a new way to live.  I know I have a lot of angels watching over me as they watch over all of us.  I am going with feelings.  I feel my next home will be the one where I will find the answers and finally come home to wholeness.  I will listen to my heart and the voice of my inner spirit and be joyful and contemplative. 


The time of listening to demons is over and it is time for me to trust that God has put everything I need in front of me and I will do my part to heal the world.  There is no other option.  It is time to trust and move forward.  It is time to follow my heart and listen to the voice of spirit inside my head.  I am ready for the next chapter and the story my spirit has written will be a beacon for others.