The Pope said during his Christmas mass that we should find room for God in our busy lives. I agree with him. I agree with his message of inclusion and the small voice that urges us to care for the poor and the suffering. We need the voice of God to make us look at our fellow man a little more closely. Who knows why churches are closing and people don’t believe in God anymore, but it probably has to do more with the people who are running the churches instead of God at the top.

I believe in God, but I have a hard time finding a church to believe in. I believe in the work they do such as feeding the poor, supplying Christmas gifts for children who would otherwise not receive anything, and feeding the poor a free holiday dinner. I disagree with a church that would advocate war in other countries in favor of Christianity and the intolerance that says that homosexuals are less than other people. Those are rules of people not God.

Jesus fed the hungry; he healed the lepers and converted the prostitutes. Think of how he would feel these days to see his words used as vehicles of exclusion and division. God created the world; he created Adam, Eve, Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. Abraham, Sarah and Hagar are where the divisions of the church started. Jew, Christian and Muslim all started with those three people. Yes they were divine people but they were still people.

Every holy book was written by people. You cannot find two versions of the Sermon on the Mount that are exactly the same, nor can you find two versions of bibles that are the same. Each bible is interpreted by different people; each religion is interpreted by different people. Some feel you will not go to heaven unless you are Christian and some feel that Allah is a reason to fly planes into building. In the end it is the people who have made God unreachable, not God himself.

We can blame God for all the horrible things that happen in the world, but once again they are the acts of people. Our planet is failing and there are horrible occurrences all over the world such as drought, earthquakes and floods. These are called acts of God, but then again these are not acts of God they are acts of people, directly related to the mess we have made of our planet of our inability to keep the coastline and air surrounding us clean. We can start to live God’s love for us by planting a tree instead of cutting one down and buying a smaller more gas efficient car.

We can start to live God’s love for us by feeding the poor whether we do it through a church or buy a cup of soup for a homeless person on our way to work. Homeless people are people too. They deserve dignity and our help. God does not forsake us, we forsake him. He does not make us divorce our husbands but reading the bible will make us feel bad for doing it, that is not the word of God, that is the word of people; judgmental, intolerant people. God is divine love, for him so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. I’m sure right now he is wishing he had kept his son safe by his side and let the rest of us kill ourselves because looking at the world right now all the horrible things that are done in God’s name must be giving him a terrible headache.

Jesus was the prince of peace. So today on this Christmas remember that and treat yourself and your loved ones with peace and love. Find God or whatever you believe in and ask him to help us fix ourselves so that the people who are leading us into wars and allowing guns to be bought to kill children will find charity and love within themselves and take responsibility for themselves and stop blaming God. If every person finds love and peace within themselves maybe the churches can become gathering places for everybody and tackle some of the issues our government seems unable to tackle.

This was just my own perspective on the words of the Pope. I liked his message as a person listening to another person. Merry Christmas or Happy Tuesday!