That is what our government says every single day. Screw you. Want gun control after watching the funerals of twenty 6 and 7 year olds? Screw you. It was only 20 of them and the gun lobby is so much more important than the lives of those twenty children. We must have our guns so we can protect our homesteads and uphold the second amendment and the right to bear arms. Maybe we can post cops in every school so that the next time one of these unstable people gets a gun we can shoot them dead after 10 instead of allowing them the opportunity to kill 20 6 year olds. But even that will only work until an unruly 16 year old does something stupid in a school hallway that will add to the death toll of students just going to school. It is now harder to get a driver’s license than it is to get a gun.

While speaking of driving why don’t we ask about the fiscal cliff we are driving over? Screw you America. Why should we pay taxes or get tax cuts when millionaires who drive all our jobs overseas can put their money everywhere but here and end up paying fewer taxes than your average secretary percentage wise. Yes sending jobs to China adds so much to the American economy and bailing out Wall Street speculators makes so much sense. Meanwhile look at any block in small town America and see what the explosion of Wal-Marts has done for the United States. It’s not to say that people in other countries don’t deserve a better standard of living but small businesses in the United States deserve to thrive and be able to compete also.

Artists and cabinet makers and hardware store owners deserve our help too. They deserve to be bailed out every once in a while, but what happens to them? The Congress can’t do their freaking jobs and can’t compromise on anything and millions of American’s taxes will go up and then we have Fox to convince us that taxes are a bad thing and we mustn’t pay them? Although if you merge the first two paragraphs you will find that if we raised taxes we could afford those cops in every school couldn’t we?

When will we hold Congress’s and the president’s feet to the fire and make them do their freaking jobs? Yes it’s the holidays which is the only reason that the day before the end of 2012, they are getting away with frolicking in their districts with their families happy to have their health care and the perks of the jobs we send them to do while not actually doing those jobs

They can’t do anything about 20 dead six year olds, they can’t do anything for the millions of Americans who’s taxes will go up but yet they can get on television and tell us what is wrong with the other side. Politicians are very good at spin. They are good at pretending they are doing their jobs while they are doing nothing. It’s the holidays and they can always go on Fox and MSNBC and say whatever will assuage either the conservative or liberal mind but they will go home and do nothing. Nothing that helps Americans, nothing that helps the poor, nothing that helps a classroom of defenseless 6 years old.

Happy New Year and Screw You as I’m sure when it comes to Congress and the Senate nothing will change in 2013 except more stories like Newtown and more people in dire straits. The so called public servants can always go blow off steam in the gym that we pay for and we can watch them spend the money that the NRA and huge donors give them to keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to and that really is their job isn’t it? It certainly isn’t to help ordinary Americans trying to put food on our tables or keep our kids in safe in school. But that’s the point isn’t it? If they actually made life better for ordinary Americans what kind of wedge could they use to get elected in four years? What have we done for you lately is so much less effective than are you better off now than you were the last four years, It’s our own stupidity that allows them to get away with this because now they don’t even wait until a new congress takes over before they ignore the will of the American people.

Happy New Year and a solemn wish that I am wrong about our public servants and 2013 but I won’t hold my breath.