154 Rounds
In this world we live in we face many dangers, we face many hardships; we try to make the best of bad situations. A school shooting that leaves 20 six year olds dead is certainly one of the most horrible stories I have heard in my lifetime, especially when it comes to the death of innocence but the story on Yahoo at the moment that tells us of the 154 rounds taken by Mr. Lanza in five minutes tells us an even more chilling story. It could have been even worse had his aim been better. How in the world is it possible that in a country as great as the United States, we are allowing weaponry like this in the hands of anyone never mind a mentally unbalanced young man?
I don’t expect to change the world; I sort of understand the principle of thinking positive peaceful thoughts and creating a positive peaceful world. But when does positive thinking over-rule the reality that a madman shot 154 rounds of ammunition in a school filled with elementary school children? When do the rights of gun owners allow this kind of carnage? When do they feel shame for wanting their guns so badly that they would fight taking this kind of weapon out of circulation? Judge not you be judged is the saying, it’s all over the bible but when the bible was written there was no such thing as a gun that could kill 20(luckily not more) children in 5 minutes. Is that God’s way? Is that is what we are supposed to believe?
I believe in a loving and giving universe and a loving God, IMO this was not his intention, it was the intention of a very misguided person allowed to be misguided by the selfish needs of other misguided people. It’s time to put the guns down or at least find a way to ban something so deadly before the next shooter is a better shot. I don’t know if anybody reads this but I had to vent anyway.