The world is sleeping. God gave us brains for a reason. If he wanted us not to use them he would have just made us sheep. All of us, we could have spent all day grazing and procreating and living peacefully in the meadows. But he made human beings and he gave us brains.
Why did he give us brains, so we could play Candy Crush all day or watch meaningless sitcoms and dramas that poison our brains, or did he give us brains so that we could look at our leaders and hear their words and look at their actions and see the difference between what they say and what they do.
I saw President Obama go to the latest memorial for gun violence and give yet another speech about gun violence. He clearly has a brain, but what has he been able to do about gun violence? NOTHING because people in the United States are more interested in playing Candy Crush and watching the Kardashians than they are in how many people are getting mowed down in minutes because of useless, senseless gun violence. Or maybe they are not more interested in these mindless matters they just think their thoughts and their wishes for peace are ignored and there is no reason to pay attention.
I see the government listened when they were interested in dropping yet more bombs on another Middle Eastern country and they couldn’t vote for it because people in the US are sick of the senseless, horrible wars. We want peace, we want peace right here in the United States. We want an end to the senseless gun violence that shatters the peace and quiet in our neighborhoods too. How can we even begin to lecture other countries on how they treat their people when we treat our own like sheep who have no thoughts and no rights to what they think are important. Just throw a couple of words about terrorists in other countries and hope nobody pays attention to the terrorists that are shooting up our schools and our businesses and bringing metal detectors to a school near you.
We don’t need metal detectors we need better gun control laws. I’m not saying we should outlaw all guns but there should not be easy access to a WMD right here in our own country. When you can kill dozens of people in minutes that is a WMD. The only other way you can kill that many people that quickly is to build a bomb and if someone named Mohammed did that we’d be in yet another war, but we let terrorists terrorize us every day with names like Klebold and Alexis. It’s time to put an end to that kind of terror too. It’s time for Washington to act. Now before yet more people die this way.