This is for my young friends for it is you who will be affected most by what is happening today. It is you who may fall in love with someone and not have your marriage validated. It is you who may find yourself with a child you are not capable of raising. It is you who may get some innocuous pre-existing condition that you cannot be insured because of. It is your future we are fighting for as mothers, sisters, daughters. Life can be very difficult with many unforeseen consequences. It appears that at this moment there is nothing we can do to stop this horrible Supreme Court nomination but there is something you must do in November, vote. Vote like your life depends on it because it does. I thought these kind of hardships were over that pitted men against women, the young against the old, the sick against the healthy. But they are not as a mother that scares the crap out of me. I will vote in November and I will hope that all of these old white men who put party and their base above their country will be voted out so a new beginning will start. I feel this way about Republicans and Democrats. The old has to be taken away so we can have growth. So we can start over, so we can stop going backward. So we can work together for equality and a better tomorrow.