We often find God in the moments in our lives when we question his existence.  In our darkest moments when we feel we have lost everything and in our greatest moments when we surely know he is out there somewhere.  We find him in the baby when it is born and we find it in the homeless person holding out his hand for a piece of bread.  Give it to him. 


We find God when we awaken in the morning to a new day.  We find God in the darkness of the unending night.  We find God when we meet an angel in our pathway or when we get everything we always wanted and we have no one to share it with.  We find God in the smile of a child or the censure of a grumpy old man.


We find God in community and loneliness.  We find God in church or in the silence of our own home when we cannot get the image of some terrible occurrence out of our head.  We find him in our parents even when they are critical and our children even when they are naïve.  We find him at tragedies like the World Trade Center and celebrations like the moon walk.  We find God or our source everywhere we look for him. 


He is the voice that makes us believe the impossible or imagine a life that is wonderfully waiting for us.  He is the voice that tells us everything will be ok when it doesn’t really feel that way.  The voice that reminds us this too shall pass and if we just believe and wake up breathing things will be better tomorrow.


I’m not sure what my version of God is at the moment but I do know that I believe he exists and he is always there watching all of us.  I’m not sure I believe in the judgmental God of the Old Testament or the Revelatory nature of the New.  I’m not sure I believe in the Allah who would have people fly planes into buildings or the Jesus who would inspire people to drop bombs on innocent people.  But I believe in God and I believe in Jesus, I just choose to believe in the version that feeds the hungry and gives solace to the depressed.  I believe in the version of Jesus that allows everyone entry into the gates of heaven whether they believe in Jesus Christ or Allah or anything in between or nothing. 


I believe in the God who lives deep within all our souls and shows us love and companionship when there is no one else.  I believe in a loving and giving universe and I believe in a people who working together to fix this mess we have all gotten into believing in nothing while saying we believe or believing in something  and doing nothing. 


God Bless You.  We find God and peace in ourselves and we have to share that peace and radiate outward to the universe.  The universe needs it and we need it.