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In God We Trust

What does it mean? Really, does it mean spending our dollars making bombs and listening to American’s phone conversations or does it mean feeding our children, educating them, giving them a future? Have we even read our bibles? Have we even looked ourselves in the eye and ever asked the questions what would Jesus do? What would he do? We know what he would have done. He would have taken the hungry to a river sat them by the riverside and fed them. He would have said blessed are those who are poor in spirit instead of institutionalizing them. He could raise the dead not drop bombs on them. Who the hell do we think we are?

We have thrown so much money to the rich banks controlling our countries finances but we bemoan feeding hungry children. We spend so much money on the damn warmongering military industrial complex and defense industry while we bemoan buying books or saving football programs in high schools. We gutted arts education in our school, can’t things be beautiful anymore? Can’t we appreciate a hard day of work whether it comes from a banker or a cabinet maker or a hand embroidery artist?

We in a collective way don’t value people anymore. We value rich people who have learned to make their money by stepping on the backs of the people below them. We value sneakers made in China with a celebrities name on it. We value gun makers who make guns capable of shooting down an entire classroom in 5 minutes. What about the visionaries investing in our kids and their futures? Our kids don’t need freaking guns and ammo they need vegetables and books. They need the American dream.

Times have changed, we have changed. But we haven’t changed that much. Men still need a good paying job and an advocate to make sure they keep that job. Kids still need food in their bellies to think while in school, they still need a hug. They still need a trip to a museum every once in a while to remember what it was like when life was simpler. They need to remember when a man woke up in the morning and went out to a field and brought things back to feed his family or when an artist could sit for days and make a masterpiece. We have come so far in this country that unless it is our kid we don’t even care how people feed their families and how to bring back a modicum of dignity to the world.

Now don’t get me wrong the world has shifted and people, ordinary people are starting to remember the way this country was built but we are not led by the visionaries in the small towns, by the charities that feed the poor left behind, nor by the churches that struggle to make people believe. We are being led by the politicians who secretly work for the powerful, for the war mongering military industrial complex. Ten years ago we actually voted for a man who was the CEO of one of the most influential defense contractors in the world. How did that happen? When did we sell our country to nonstop war in foreign lands while our children are starving here? What has happened to our country and where is our moral compass? How did we the people of the United States allow them to steal our country right out from under our feet? We were too busy watching television and being divided down to the lowest common denominator instead of raised up in the all for one mentality. It’s time to get back to the way things used to be with the acknowledgement that people are different, they believe in different ideologies, different beliefs, and different lifestyles. But in the end we really haven’t changed all that much, we still need food, a roof over our head, a good book and someone to love. In other words we still need the American dream and in God we Trust we might just find it.


Vote for the Children

Our children need us to vote and to be very sure exactly what we are voting for. Times are tough at the moment and it is easy to pick scapegoats and to think perhaps a change is in order to correct the mess we are currently experiencing. But what price does that change come to our children?

If funding is cut off for education at the federal level, what will that do to children who live in poor school districts where the tax base is not so heavy? They will be lost. They will be adrift in a land where an education is needed to do anything in this world. When I was a child, there was not necessarily a need for an education to survive in the world, now even young adults coming out of college are unable to find jobs in their given fields.

If “Obama care” is done away with, what will happen to the children and their parents who are now just losing the fear of affordable health care? No parent should have to choose between health care for their children and food on the table, but yet it was a common practice not all that long ago. Not only children would be affected but young adults who are not guaranteed a job with health care benefits or anything more than minimum wage would be affected. And people with catastrophic illnesses who finally have the hardship of worrying about healthcare behind them will be forced back into the void of worrying that they might die while waiting for treatment.

If something is not done to stimulate the economy and job market what will happen to our children? There will be no jobs except those in retail outlets selling goods made out of this country. Why is it that we make nothing in this country anymore? Those are small businesses that add greatly to our country. Parents are especially hard hit in this country at the moment. They need jobs and security and are finding it harder and harder to cope with the uncertainty of finding a job or keeping the job they currently have.
And finally peace, what happens to our children if we find no peace on this planet? If we keep fighting endless wars we are creating enemies our children will be fighting for decades and centuries. Please pray for peace and hope. Our children need it. If there is to be a future we need to find peace and love amongst the masses. Our children will have to live in a more open society with many different ethnic backgrounds in the more global society. It is my hope after this election we will finally put an end to the climate of fear and hatred that has been promulgated since 9/11. It is time to work together with other countries and other leaders to improve the lives of our citizens both here and abroad.
It is important to vote in every election but this one this year is exceedingly important because in so many different ways it will affect our children. Please think of them.

Our Children

Children are our greatest resource. They are the shining beacon on the hill in which we can pin our hopes, dreams and aspirations on. There is nothing more delightful in this world than a child’s laughter and a beautiful sparkling smile. Children deserve everything wonderful the sun and the moon can conjure up for them. Children deserve the best that we can give them.

Childhood is not a time for the have and have-nots. It is time for the ALL. Every child is important, be it a young girl in war torn Afghanistan or a little boy in Beverly Hills, California. Every child is our collective child. Every child breathes the same air, drinks from the water of the globe and is made in God’s creation. Every child on Earth is here because God wanted them to be here.

So why is it so hard to understand that we must help each and every one of them reach their God-given potential and a chance at a meaningful life? Here in the United States we are caught up in the pro-life/pro-choice debate that happens every four years at election time, but what about the children that are already here on the planet. Don’t they deserve a meaningful life?

Should it really matter what your address is on Planet Earth? Shouldn’t all children be treated like they are an important contribution to society? Shouldn’t they all be allowed a well-rounded education, food to eat, a place to be safe, and a beautiful life? Who gets to decide these questions? Easily we could say God, but in reality it isn’t God it is the politicians who lead their governments. If you have a great town supervisor you can have an education the world would envy. On the flipside you can wake up every morning in a third world country and work in a sweat shop making things for those wealthy American children. Who gets to decide the answers to that question? Is it God or it is us? Unfortunately for the children not lucky enough to be born in the right zip code I think it is us.

So why is there a disconnect when it comes to feeding hungry children, supplying clean water, and providing educational funding? We aren’t looking at those children as our children. We often here of the analogy of a butterfly flapping its wings and across the globe the wind is blowing but what about the analogy of a child starving in that same place on the globe and what that does to our souls over here? I can’t really answer these questions but just felt the need to ask them. Who decides what is important to any child and why? A more important question is who decides whether a child’s life is important or not? I think the answer is obvious, we all do.

In which direction are we going in this election season?  Are we going towards the kindler, gentler direction where everyone has a place at the table and a voice in the world, or are we going in a more disenfranchised direction which leaves everyone in a constant state of struggle and strife.

It’s hard to say at this point, there is no candidate for hope this time around.  There is a man with limitless potential who was unable to follow his vision because of obstacles placed in his path by the other party.  There is also a good man who has a very muddy vision which seems to change by the day.  There is an old wizened partner with a penchant for saying the wrong things and a young wunderkind who appears to be saying the right words but seems to have a message that will leave anybody who is not wealthy and self-sufficient out in the cold.

So I guess that leaves it to us to figure out what each candidate offers and which kind of life we can envision.  With Obama we can see a clear path to helping those who need help the most, the uninsured, unemployed, disenfranchised, a community in need of organizing.  With Romney we see a world where there are no safety nets and it will be survival of the fittest.  A place where your very survival depends on how well you can play the game and what kind of breaks you have had in your life. 

Both men have impressive resumes as do their running mates but where does that leave us? We can listen to the propaganda of the media and let them color our perspective or we can look at the reality of what they are offering.  If we hire Romney what will that do for millions of Americans still waiting for Obama’s healthcare provisions to kick in for them? These provisions have already helped millions of Americans but what about those still waiting?

 If we hire Romney what happens with Social Security?  What happens to not just the current seniors but those in their late 40’s and early 50’s who will not have decades to amass huge bank accounts to get them through their waning years? 

Charter schools are great in theory but if the education system is lumped in with the energy department what happens to our children and their education?  Far too many children will be left behind in substandard schools with little or no incentive to teach them how to overcome poverty.

What will happen with our energy policy?  Does the current move towards green technology take a back seat to something a little more oily and slick?  A world where a prince in Dubai has more pull over American politics than a housewife in Dubuque?  Whether we like it or not that is the truth, the current gas prices have people deciding on a daily basis whether to buy food or fill up their gas tanks; it will only get worse without a clear cut green policy.

These are questions we have to ask ourselves because to ignore them is to simply ignore the consequences of what could be a tragedy in the making where millions of Americans end up begging on the streets for food, education, healthcare, and lodging.  I know my words sound a little alarmist but think about what they are proposing and what will happen if it somehow comes to fruition.  Use your own head and a piece of paper and chart what each campaign promise on both sides will cost in taxes and humanity and then make your decision.  We really can’t listen to the opinions of others in this campaign season because like it or not we are talking about real people who will be left out in the middle of the wilderness without a clear vision out of it if some of these policies come to fruition.

This Election Season

I think in looking at this election season we have to think about the greater good.   Since the new millennium it seems we are stuck in some kind of echo chamber which parrots our beliefs no matter what we believe.   I think we have to go beyond that this time around.

Do you want your kids to have health insurance?  Do you want them to have a college education?  Do you want them to be safe on the streets, have food to eat, clean water to drink?  Or do you want an end to taxes?  Do you look at everything as I’ve got mine I don’t care what the kid in that neighborhood has?  IMO the last question is the easiest to answer, the answer is a large and collective no.  Every person has charity in their hearts or the majority of them anyway.  Yet we listen to the mantra of both left and right and we forget about the huge majority in the center, the large and collective no.

In my opinion, the huge majority in the center realizes that our government is broken and it isn’t working for nearly enough people.  With all the technology that abounds we are sent subliminal messages that color our thought processes and place blame on either the President or the rest of the government that isn’t working.  They are all to blame, each and every one of them.  Now the question is who do we choose?

I will choose someone wh0 picks educating our children over war mongering.  I will choose someone who believes the welfare for one who needs it is worth the welfare cheats who don’t.  I will choose someone who believes every sick child needs health care, they did not choose to be born to someone who’s unable to provide it for them.  I believe in feeding the hungry, housing the homeless.  Most of all I believe in a politician who believes in something.  Not one that can be bought by big oil, or large pharmaceutical companies, or who pits one American against another.  If you call yourself an American you should at least believe the United in United States means something. Shouldn’t you?

Who is that person?  I won’t give my opinion because it’s my opinion and everyone has one.  But ask yourself the important questions about how you would feel if you were one of the them as in us versus them?  Then the answers are very easy.  If it were your child there really is only one answer.  The politician corrupted by the system or the politician corrupted by the huge companies that call his name, look at how the extremes vote and how they talk and ask yourself do you want social justice or a class system where only productive people who have found a way to make lots of money live in a world where only their children deserve these benefits.

Eventually every child interacts with every other child, don’t you want your children to interact with children who have a future?  I do.