In which direction are we going in this election season?  Are we going towards the kindler, gentler direction where everyone has a place at the table and a voice in the world, or are we going in a more disenfranchised direction which leaves everyone in a constant state of struggle and strife.

It’s hard to say at this point, there is no candidate for hope this time around.  There is a man with limitless potential who was unable to follow his vision because of obstacles placed in his path by the other party.  There is also a good man who has a very muddy vision which seems to change by the day.  There is an old wizened partner with a penchant for saying the wrong things and a young wunderkind who appears to be saying the right words but seems to have a message that will leave anybody who is not wealthy and self-sufficient out in the cold.

So I guess that leaves it to us to figure out what each candidate offers and which kind of life we can envision.  With Obama we can see a clear path to helping those who need help the most, the uninsured, unemployed, disenfranchised, a community in need of organizing.  With Romney we see a world where there are no safety nets and it will be survival of the fittest.  A place where your very survival depends on how well you can play the game and what kind of breaks you have had in your life. 

Both men have impressive resumes as do their running mates but where does that leave us? We can listen to the propaganda of the media and let them color our perspective or we can look at the reality of what they are offering.  If we hire Romney what will that do for millions of Americans still waiting for Obama’s healthcare provisions to kick in for them? These provisions have already helped millions of Americans but what about those still waiting?

 If we hire Romney what happens with Social Security?  What happens to not just the current seniors but those in their late 40’s and early 50’s who will not have decades to amass huge bank accounts to get them through their waning years? 

Charter schools are great in theory but if the education system is lumped in with the energy department what happens to our children and their education?  Far too many children will be left behind in substandard schools with little or no incentive to teach them how to overcome poverty.

What will happen with our energy policy?  Does the current move towards green technology take a back seat to something a little more oily and slick?  A world where a prince in Dubai has more pull over American politics than a housewife in Dubuque?  Whether we like it or not that is the truth, the current gas prices have people deciding on a daily basis whether to buy food or fill up their gas tanks; it will only get worse without a clear cut green policy.

These are questions we have to ask ourselves because to ignore them is to simply ignore the consequences of what could be a tragedy in the making where millions of Americans end up begging on the streets for food, education, healthcare, and lodging.  I know my words sound a little alarmist but think about what they are proposing and what will happen if it somehow comes to fruition.  Use your own head and a piece of paper and chart what each campaign promise on both sides will cost in taxes and humanity and then make your decision.  We really can’t listen to the opinions of others in this campaign season because like it or not we are talking about real people who will be left out in the middle of the wilderness without a clear vision out of it if some of these policies come to fruition.