So the geniuses in Washington are going to allow millions of federal workers to lose their jobs so they can prove to all of us just how little they care about the people they serve.  Obamacare is the law.  It was passed into law years ago.  It is now finally available to all the people who need it and they want to rewrite the law and send our country into turmoil.  Does it even matter that these congressmen and their families get free health care for life just for screwing up our government for a few years?


Of course the law is complicated, it was written that way because god forbid we just have single payer health care like all the other civilized countries in the world.  We couldn’t just make it easy for everybody to just go to the doctor when they are sick could we?  No we have to make them jump through hoops and finally when they see the light at the end of the tunnel, pull the rug out from underneath them. 


We can spend money on countless wars, to spy on our own people, to take our education system and standardize it so much that we can’t even use the brains we were given but we can’t let Obamacare go into effect and help the millions of people who need it.


I think while they dither around with our lives, making people who are desperate even more desperate by cutting off food stamps, and delaying health care every single one of them should have their government paid(by we the people I might add) health care cut off so perhaps they would know what it is like to be sick and not able to pay for your treatment.  I don’t think they should get paychecks either(but of course the health care lobby and the gun lobby will make damn sure that they are taken care of anyway).  We are a government bought and sold by the lobbyists in this country. 


They don’t want health care, presto change no health care.  They don’t want gun control, even after the slaughter of innocents.  We don’t want people to be able to buy milk and cheese for their children no food stamps.  And then we wonder about the mental health system in our country.  We live in the greatest country in the world and yet we don’t know how to take care of our own people.  Sad really.  No wonder so many people in this country with health care  live on anti depressants and Viagra.