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In God We Trust

What does it mean? Really, does it mean spending our dollars making bombs and listening to American’s phone conversations or does it mean feeding our children, educating them, giving them a future? Have we even read our bibles? Have we even looked ourselves in the eye and ever asked the questions what would Jesus do? What would he do? We know what he would have done. He would have taken the hungry to a river sat them by the riverside and fed them. He would have said blessed are those who are poor in spirit instead of institutionalizing them. He could raise the dead not drop bombs on them. Who the hell do we think we are?

We have thrown so much money to the rich banks controlling our countries finances but we bemoan feeding hungry children. We spend so much money on the damn warmongering military industrial complex and defense industry while we bemoan buying books or saving football programs in high schools. We gutted arts education in our school, can’t things be beautiful anymore? Can’t we appreciate a hard day of work whether it comes from a banker or a cabinet maker or a hand embroidery artist?

We in a collective way don’t value people anymore. We value rich people who have learned to make their money by stepping on the backs of the people below them. We value sneakers made in China with a celebrities name on it. We value gun makers who make guns capable of shooting down an entire classroom in 5 minutes. What about the visionaries investing in our kids and their futures? Our kids don’t need freaking guns and ammo they need vegetables and books. They need the American dream.

Times have changed, we have changed. But we haven’t changed that much. Men still need a good paying job and an advocate to make sure they keep that job. Kids still need food in their bellies to think while in school, they still need a hug. They still need a trip to a museum every once in a while to remember what it was like when life was simpler. They need to remember when a man woke up in the morning and went out to a field and brought things back to feed his family or when an artist could sit for days and make a masterpiece. We have come so far in this country that unless it is our kid we don’t even care how people feed their families and how to bring back a modicum of dignity to the world.

Now don’t get me wrong the world has shifted and people, ordinary people are starting to remember the way this country was built but we are not led by the visionaries in the small towns, by the charities that feed the poor left behind, nor by the churches that struggle to make people believe. We are being led by the politicians who secretly work for the powerful, for the war mongering military industrial complex. Ten years ago we actually voted for a man who was the CEO of one of the most influential defense contractors in the world. How did that happen? When did we sell our country to nonstop war in foreign lands while our children are starving here? What has happened to our country and where is our moral compass? How did we the people of the United States allow them to steal our country right out from under our feet? We were too busy watching television and being divided down to the lowest common denominator instead of raised up in the all for one mentality. It’s time to get back to the way things used to be with the acknowledgement that people are different, they believe in different ideologies, different beliefs, and different lifestyles. But in the end we really haven’t changed all that much, we still need food, a roof over our head, a good book and someone to love. In other words we still need the American dream and in God we Trust we might just find it.


Truly Offensive

I have been asleep for way too long. I listened to the infamous Mitt Romney tape (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/17/mitt-romney-video_n_1829455.html) and I simply cannot believe any politician in this day and age or any day and age can say this kind of stuff in public and think he can get away with it.   How did the Republicans end up with a candidate so clearly clueless about the people he wishes to lead?  Perhaps it hasn’t dawned on him, but everyone in this country not just the 47% either lives or has someone in their family who lives on the government roll.  He could be the child who is born to an undocumented worker, a farmer who receives subsidies for not growing crops, the elderly who receive Medicare and Social Security or the rich tycoon who gets massive tax breaks while he sends American jobs overseas.  Everyone lives off the government roll in one way or another.  Heck even wealthy oil barons in the Middle East live off the American government.


But it’s interesting that Mitt decided to single out the poor people in the United States, the country where he wishes to be our president.  Does he not realize that due to the unbelievable failure of the Bush Administration to do anything except wage war that 99% of this country is struggling to keep the American dream?  That is not victim hood, that is reality.  Does he not realize that even the heroes in this country are suffering daily because of the arrogant mistakes a previous administration made?  Does he not realize how insulting he is to women to crow about how 12 girls are locked into a factory and grateful to have the pennies on the dollar his business made possible?  Anybody who went to school 20 years ago knows about sweat shops and the working conditions in China.  That is what he is bragging about?  And then he cavalierly throws in a comment saying that if his father were born in Mexico he would be a more attractive candidate, is he for real?


You reap what you sow and when you consistently choose wedge issues to appeal to a very small minority of your party, you are going to end up with a candidate like Mitt Romney.  I’m sure Fox can account for at least enough votes for him to make this look like a race, but how many people are going to be able to go into the voting booth and pull the lever for a man so clearly clueless that it is truly unbelievable.  He would look good on a dollar bill though or perhaps even a $1000 bill, for that is what good old Mitt is offering the American people, a load of manure that is polished and nurtured and fake.


God Bless America if we are to believe the polls.  We are going to need God to come down personally himself and address the mess we have made in this country and the unbelievably bad judgement in character of the people we choose to lead us.  You would hope at least one of these right wing extremists who talk about Jesus all the time would share the New Testament with old Mitt and let him know some real Christian values.  But they are so blindly wedded to their ideology that they wouldn’t know the real Jesus or what he stood for themselves if he came dressed as a homeless person and shook their hands.  Just don’t raise our taxes, don’t let women decide what to do with their own bodies and never, no never, allow two gay people who love each other to marry.  Just wage war.  What would Jesus say?  I don’t really know but I do think he’d at least be offended.


What would Jesus say about the current rash of violence of one man against others using a hand gun or several guns?  He would be appalled.  He would not want the guns of mass destruction in the hands of someone not mentally capable of understanding the difference between life and death and hatred and love.  He would not support gun rights over the right to live a free and peaceful life; he would not want to condone the death of even one person in a senseless display of one man against others especially in the sanctuary of a place of worship.

When does the killing stop?  Imagine a gun piercing through your flesh, imagine it passing through your bones and coming out the other side, imagine the force, the pain, the burning that it would leave.  Imagine knowing that you are a hair away from dying, a hair away from knowing that feeling and living with the constant psychological and physical pain from surviving that kind of attack.  Imagine it if you can.  Imagine what Jesus would say.

Now imagine if you are Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  Imagine that you are a pacifist and a man who ran on the themes of hope and change four years ago or that you are the man who is running on themes very different from the man you said you were when you were the governor of Massachusetts.  What are you thinking?  What are you saying?

Imagine that you are selling your soul to make people like you?  That is an easy imagination, we as human beings do that every single day in many different ways.  The difference between us and the candidates is that when we sell our soul, we are just selling our souls.  When Barack Obama does not take a stand against something he personally feels just to appeal to voters, he sells our souls.  Even gun rights advocates must realize something must change, even they must imagine the feeling of bullets ripping through their skin while they pray in front of post offices and say we must uphold the 2nd amendment. Surely if they spout how important it is to uphold their rights they must know what it feels like to be shot, surely?

I venture not because then they would not be able to stand in front of a library and rally against gun control.  I venture Obama and Romney don’t know that feeling either, especially Barack Obama because if he did he would work with congress TODAY to find a solution to this horrible carnage that happens on an all too daily basis.  I listened to him 4 years ago and I know that is how he feels personally. I want him to sit back and imagine a world where even one life is spared because of something he believes in.

The time to hesitate is through. It is time for Barack Obama to be Barack Obama and frankly it is time for Mitt Romney and every member of congress to imagine a world in which we don’t have to read a story every week about a lovely mother or a lovely child who either will not be coming home from an attack like this or even worse living with the pain and sorrow of remembering how lucky they are while a sweet mother or child was not so lucky.

It is time for the politicians in Washington and the people who support them to find their souls and save some lives.  Even one life is a gift, so multiply that across the country when guns are taken away from people who don’t deserve them, don’t know the meaning of life and don’t know what their placards mean.  Find your soul call your congressman.