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Screw You America

That is what our government says every single day. Screw you. Want gun control after watching the funerals of twenty 6 and 7 year olds? Screw you. It was only 20 of them and the gun lobby is so much more important than the lives of those twenty children. We must have our guns so we can protect our homesteads and uphold the second amendment and the right to bear arms. Maybe we can post cops in every school so that the next time one of these unstable people gets a gun we can shoot them dead after 10 instead of allowing them the opportunity to kill 20 6 year olds. But even that will only work until an unruly 16 year old does something stupid in a school hallway that will add to the death toll of students just going to school. It is now harder to get a driver’s license than it is to get a gun.

While speaking of driving why don’t we ask about the fiscal cliff we are driving over? Screw you America. Why should we pay taxes or get tax cuts when millionaires who drive all our jobs overseas can put their money everywhere but here and end up paying fewer taxes than your average secretary percentage wise. Yes sending jobs to China adds so much to the American economy and bailing out Wall Street speculators makes so much sense. Meanwhile look at any block in small town America and see what the explosion of Wal-Marts has done for the United States. It’s not to say that people in other countries don’t deserve a better standard of living but small businesses in the United States deserve to thrive and be able to compete also.

Artists and cabinet makers and hardware store owners deserve our help too. They deserve to be bailed out every once in a while, but what happens to them? The Congress can’t do their freaking jobs and can’t compromise on anything and millions of American’s taxes will go up and then we have Fox to convince us that taxes are a bad thing and we mustn’t pay them? Although if you merge the first two paragraphs you will find that if we raised taxes we could afford those cops in every school couldn’t we?

When will we hold Congress’s and the president’s feet to the fire and make them do their freaking jobs? Yes it’s the holidays which is the only reason that the day before the end of 2012, they are getting away with frolicking in their districts with their families happy to have their health care and the perks of the jobs we send them to do while not actually doing those jobs

They can’t do anything about 20 dead six year olds, they can’t do anything for the millions of Americans who’s taxes will go up but yet they can get on television and tell us what is wrong with the other side. Politicians are very good at spin. They are good at pretending they are doing their jobs while they are doing nothing. It’s the holidays and they can always go on Fox and MSNBC and say whatever will assuage either the conservative or liberal mind but they will go home and do nothing. Nothing that helps Americans, nothing that helps the poor, nothing that helps a classroom of defenseless 6 years old.

Happy New Year and Screw You as I’m sure when it comes to Congress and the Senate nothing will change in 2013 except more stories like Newtown and more people in dire straits. The so called public servants can always go blow off steam in the gym that we pay for and we can watch them spend the money that the NRA and huge donors give them to keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to and that really is their job isn’t it? It certainly isn’t to help ordinary Americans trying to put food on our tables or keep our kids in safe in school. But that’s the point isn’t it? If they actually made life better for ordinary Americans what kind of wedge could they use to get elected in four years? What have we done for you lately is so much less effective than are you better off now than you were the last four years, It’s our own stupidity that allows them to get away with this because now they don’t even wait until a new congress takes over before they ignore the will of the American people.

Happy New Year and a solemn wish that I am wrong about our public servants and 2013 but I won’t hold my breath.


A disaster

Sometimes it takes a disaster to remind of us of a disaster and sometimes it takes a disaster to remind us what is really important in the world. The people we love are the important things in life. A home can be rebuilt, as can a business or anything outside of us, but a person is only here for a short while and then they are gone and it doesn’t matter if they are perfect or if they heed storm warnings if you love them or care about them.

This storm will in the long run after all the damage is counted put people back to work(with the right president at the helm anyway). The loss of life has been rather small so far which is an excellent thing considering how very big this storm was and how catastrophic it was to property and material things, but considering how many millions of people were in the storm path we were rather lucky in human terms. That means Thanksgiving will be a joyous holiday to be thankful for the family we are sitting around a table somewhere with eating the fruits of our labors.

So now we get to the disaster reminder. The Bush years were a tragedy in the making when it came to disaster relief and making the work of disaster repair right. They made promises they didn’t keep, they staffed important positions with political cronies, and they didn’t make any changes to our energy policy which have made many of the storms of the last 10 years stronger and fiercer. The human toll of Katrina was higher than Sandy at least so far. That is a statistic we should remember because many of the same architects of the Bush administration are floating around the Romney campaign. Do we really have any doubt that with Romney at the helm we will be in more wars, more planet killing policies and more natural disasters? I guess the timing of the storm could be seen as a reminder that if we vote for change on Tuesday we will be going back to a time when tax cuts are more important than the people who pay taxes and the interest of big business is more important than Main Street.

The next president will have a great impact on whether America or more precisely the places that are in the path of Sandy will be able to rebuild. He will have a big say in whether America is rebuilt by people in the community or Halliburton. I think it’s time to take a chance on people in the community and leave Halliburton out of it. I think it’s time we remember who we are and why we are here and put Americans back to work rebuilding their own lives and communities with the help of the country they love and have loved forever. It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get busy starting over not looking backwards. The Bush years set us backward as a nation for decades to come and not that I’m so sure Barack Obama is the be all and end all but he did put the people of the affected regions first and not the pocketbook of Halliburton first. So I’m going to give him a chance and see this storm as a lesson from God to change our ways and help our neighbors. Because all one really has to do is compare Hurricane Katrina and the loss of life then and Hurricane Sandy and the loss of life now and realize that government should work for the people not the other way around. We have an opportunity to move forward as our forefathers did and rebuild our communities ourselves, in my opinion that is the answer next Tuesday. Move forward and leave the Bush cronies in the past.

Another School Shooting

There was another school shooting yesterday. Why on earth does a 13 year old have a gun in the first place? There has to be an answer to that question somewhere in our universe doesn’t there? Are the rights of an adult to bear arms really worth the emotional carnage that a kid shooting themselves in a school filled with impressionable minds worth it?

Every time I hear a story like this it makes me want to vomit. I don’t know how many times we have to read about a child who cannot cope with their life losing control and shooting a room full of people before we say to ourselves, the right to bear arms is outdated and written during a time when times were simpler. It doesn’t work in this century. Today kids are overwhelmed and overshadowed. The world is more chaotic and frenetic than ever. They have cell phones, computers, and mp3 players. Their minds are never quiet. A mind that cannot become quiet combined with a gun is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Back when I was young, a girl could break up with you and only your friends and schoolmates would know about it, now with the internet you can be tormented and tortured by hundreds of Facebook “friends” over the loss of that one girl. Pressure to succeed is also at an all-time high. With the job market the way it is a college education is a must have and some kids can’t handle the pressure of having to be successful at the age of 13, they have to grow into it. With such easy access to guns they might not get that chance.

Family issues are also a concern at the moment. With the high unemployment numbers, the loss of an income and poverty on the rise; families are under stress and that stress bleeds down to the young impressionable mind that isn’t mature enough to know that life moves in cycles. It goes up and goes down. Your life can improve in an instant. It’s hard to remember that as an adult but to the average 13 year old it’s downright impossible.

We are only humans; we can only do the best we can do in each moment. When you are 13 your world consists of learning about life, love and responsibility. Your hormones are raging, you are entering a new school, with a new group of friends, and the slightest word can make you feel horrible about yourself. Do you remember when you were 13 and had that feeling? Every 13 year old knows that feeling. Frankly that is why 13 year olds should not be allowed anywhere near a gun. Now I’m sure some gun advocates will be out there extolling the virtues of gun ownership and saying that they are not responsible for the actions of one troubled 13 year old, but when does that sorry lame excuse become their responsibility? In a culture that glorifies war and glorifies guns they are just as responsible as the kid themselves. I’m not advocating ridding the world of guns, there is a constitution, but when the rights of a 13 year old to live through their teenage angst is at stake can’t we at least have a better control of them?

Truly Offensive

I have been asleep for way too long. I listened to the infamous Mitt Romney tape (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/17/mitt-romney-video_n_1829455.html) and I simply cannot believe any politician in this day and age or any day and age can say this kind of stuff in public and think he can get away with it.   How did the Republicans end up with a candidate so clearly clueless about the people he wishes to lead?  Perhaps it hasn’t dawned on him, but everyone in this country not just the 47% either lives or has someone in their family who lives on the government roll.  He could be the child who is born to an undocumented worker, a farmer who receives subsidies for not growing crops, the elderly who receive Medicare and Social Security or the rich tycoon who gets massive tax breaks while he sends American jobs overseas.  Everyone lives off the government roll in one way or another.  Heck even wealthy oil barons in the Middle East live off the American government.


But it’s interesting that Mitt decided to single out the poor people in the United States, the country where he wishes to be our president.  Does he not realize that due to the unbelievable failure of the Bush Administration to do anything except wage war that 99% of this country is struggling to keep the American dream?  That is not victim hood, that is reality.  Does he not realize that even the heroes in this country are suffering daily because of the arrogant mistakes a previous administration made?  Does he not realize how insulting he is to women to crow about how 12 girls are locked into a factory and grateful to have the pennies on the dollar his business made possible?  Anybody who went to school 20 years ago knows about sweat shops and the working conditions in China.  That is what he is bragging about?  And then he cavalierly throws in a comment saying that if his father were born in Mexico he would be a more attractive candidate, is he for real?


You reap what you sow and when you consistently choose wedge issues to appeal to a very small minority of your party, you are going to end up with a candidate like Mitt Romney.  I’m sure Fox can account for at least enough votes for him to make this look like a race, but how many people are going to be able to go into the voting booth and pull the lever for a man so clearly clueless that it is truly unbelievable.  He would look good on a dollar bill though or perhaps even a $1000 bill, for that is what good old Mitt is offering the American people, a load of manure that is polished and nurtured and fake.


God Bless America if we are to believe the polls.  We are going to need God to come down personally himself and address the mess we have made in this country and the unbelievably bad judgement in character of the people we choose to lead us.  You would hope at least one of these right wing extremists who talk about Jesus all the time would share the New Testament with old Mitt and let him know some real Christian values.  But they are so blindly wedded to their ideology that they wouldn’t know the real Jesus or what he stood for themselves if he came dressed as a homeless person and shook their hands.  Just don’t raise our taxes, don’t let women decide what to do with their own bodies and never, no never, allow two gay people who love each other to marry.  Just wage war.  What would Jesus say?  I don’t really know but I do think he’d at least be offended.


Fortunate Son

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At the moment we have a clear choice for president.  We have one man who started his life in meager beginnings to a woman who had to deal with the stigma of having a child without a husband in a society that frowned upon that condition.  He went to school, studied hard, went to college, went to Harvard and became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.  He earned his experience the hard way working for people on the streets of Chicago, no easy feat.  He became a Senator, inspired the world and became our president.  That man is Barack Obama.  His running mate Joe Biden has a very similar background in regards to experience and overcoming obstacles.


Mitt Romney is a man who was born to wealth.  He made the majority of his money sending American jobs overseas and promoting trickle-down economics.  His running mate Paul Ryan would be very happy gutting every social program known to man and giving tax cuts to those very wealthy yet again.  If they win the nightmare of another fortunate son, George W. Bush will be revisited.  The parts of government that weren’t decimated during the 8 year Bush nightmare will be long gone by the time Romney is finished with us.  He doesn’t know about common people, he has no concept of the hardships the majority of the country is dealing with thanks to people like him and the Wall Street big shots who have a great time investing other people’s money in ruining the American Dream.


I guess we could all build bombs and guns.  That may be the way forward in this country. Everyone should join the military and we can become a police state.  That is the Republican mantra isn’t it, if there is a conflict anywhere in the world let us just exploit our military and start wars there.  I believe they are trying to use the World War II recipe for success but we do not even make weapons in this country anymore.  In my opinion that doesn’t seem like a recipe for success but if you think about it that is the choice isn’t it?  A man who actually knows what it’s like to be poor and who at least wants to help the poor and a man who wants to keep the poor and uneducated in this country poor and uneducated.


There really isn’t a choice and still it is a close election because people have ideologies today based on the heroes they grew up.  The conservative today is nothing like the conservative of yesterday.  The hero of today is nothing like the hero of yesterday.  My father was a veteran, he served in Korea.  He was proud of his service and I was proud of his service.  He liked Reagan but he was more moderate, conservatives were more moderate in those days.  My dad came back to a job and a dream.  Our soldiers today come back with unbearable wounds and not even a job or a home waiting for them in some cases.


Our current crop of Republican candidates has nothing in common with Ronald Reagan and his vision for the United States.  Reagan believed in a country that was a shining beacon for the rest of the world, the current crop think of the United States as a members only country where only those who have figured out that the ladder to success is paved in gold can enter.


It’s really quite simple take a look at a town like Whitehall NY, where government intervention has left an empty shell of a town waiting to be discovered for its inherent beauty.  It has been forgotten for its inability to move itself out of the sixties. That is where the current republican leadership would like us to remain, stuck back in the sixties when nobody had any rights.  Whitehall is a beautiful place steeped in American History and natural beauty but my time there made it seem like a place where they are just waiting until the old people pass on so they can write off the town.  No town in America should be waiting to fall into a canal.  They should all be valuable contributions to a new and rebuilding country built on opportunity as it was when our heroes came here hundreds of years ago.


The choice is so clear for women, students, children, minorities, immigrants and everyone else who doesn’t remember the 60’s quite so fondly.  We cannot go backward we must go forward.  Our American Dream needs to be nurtured and fostered and we need to move forward in a bold new way.  My solution is to vote Democratic all the way down the line until the government and I mean all of the governments from president down to my town supervisor realize they work for everyone and not just the fortunate son.


Safety Nets

I am a 52 year old woman and I could be a homeless person if the safety nets we have in this country are taken away by politicians too blind to see that the people they are allowing to write their laws will take away the only thing keeping people like myself and those worse off from completely falling through the cracks of society.


I decided at the end of last year that I didn’t want to be married anymore.  My son is 21, my husband is retiring in a few years and I just could not see myself growing old and retiring with someone I have nothing in common with except a 21 year old son.  That decision left me teetering on the edge of sanity, and in a place where I can look at my life and be grateful that I am really a fortunate daughter but I digress.


At the time I decided I wanted to end my marriage I gave a speech, made a statement and then backed down because I was reminded by a friend that I was a 52 year-old woman without a job, who had been a stay at home mom since I moved to Upstate NY, an artist and a blog writer with no discernible income.  She told me to work on my marriage and I told her and my husband that I would.  But in my heart I knew I couldn’t, I knew the ship had sailed and there was no other option but moving forward.  I don’t know how I knew but I knew.  I had known for a long time but it just came bubbling out on Christmas Eve of all days, Merry Christmas.


The decision to stay because of security almost ended up costing me my life and sanity, because a woman trapped by a series of circumstances and a man who knows that he is living with someone who doesn’t want to be married to him anymore are a very toxic combination.  I can’t blame either of us or both of us but we were not the same couple who were married for 25 years we were monsters together.  But we were stuck together; things didn’t get any better due to outside circumstances which are not really relevant to this blog post.

The relevant part is that women all over the country are realizing as their children age and their husbands near retirement that they are desperate and don’t want to be married anymore and that there are really no safety nets for women like us.  Poor women have resources but those middle class women who were able to be stay at home mothers don’t really have any resources.  A lawyer told me to go live downstate with family if I could find someone who would let me move in with them.  My son was here that wasn’t an option.   I didn’t have enough money to move out, I couldn’t possibly wrap myself around the idea of working at McDonalds and to be truthful couldn’t have kept the job for a while.  Also a job in McDonalds or Wal-Mart(another famous suggestion for the unemployable) would not pay the rent on an apartment and then I would be living in the home I didn’t want to live in and working at a job I didn’t want(nor thought I could keep).


I did all the things I was supposed to do I went to a county run job placement program which was even more depressing than a career in McDonalds, I was surrounded by wonderful, experienced people who lost their jobs in the last few years through no fault of their own who could not find a job even with years of experience among them.  It seems those in our late 40’s, early 50’s and early 60’s with years of good work left in us are not in the cheapest demographic people wish to hire.  Business wants kids they can underpay.  So I felt that was another dead end.


I was hopeless and ended up taking advantage of other county run services which did not provide answers but gave wonderful counseling services and I am very thankful for that.  But I was still trapped in a horrible, devastating situation in which I crashed and burned several times trying to search for the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m lucky I survived it.  I am very lucky.


I had a car accident which was a pretty bad one and walked away from it without a scratch; I had not been sleeping since December and should not have been driving at 11:30 in the morning around the corner from my house.  That was the last day I could technically call myself a member of my neighborhood.  Two days later I was roaming the streets in the rain unsure of where my brain had gone and I ended up in a mental health unit, which was an experience I will write about separately as it was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.  You can learn a lot about people and yourself when you are among the most vulnerable in society.  You learn of the beauty and the horror of the mental health system which can be a revolving door of medication and commitment and how that safety net really doesn’t work and doesn’t really allow people the skills to make it their own.  Some do but the majority end up in and out several times hoping for a new life.


When I came out of the hospital I couldn’t go home and I have ended up taking a settlement to give my husband and I closure.  The settlement will allow me to start over which is something I am so grateful for, as many women in my position do not even have that small bit of confidence in their futures.  Now in this economy if I don’t figure out who I am and what I was put on earth for I may be forced to go on Welfare and Medicaid and many other social programs.  I am lucky I at least have a chance to pave my own path, but what about those women not lucky enough to be given a settlement who have no way out and no way to get there?  What will happen to them?  Do they end up working in McDonalds and Wal-Mart?  If they do and they are treated with the dignity they deserve God Bless Them, but if they don’t what happens to them?  Do they live in loveless marriages becoming more bitter and unhappy every day until they do something drastic like kill themselves or end up with a life threatening disease?  Do they snap and end up doing something crazier than wandering the streets in a rain storm with no explanation of how they ended up there?  Or do they recklessly surrender to drugs, alcohol and life on the streets?  We should care about them and their children.  There should be places for them to go where they don’t have to end up desperately seeking something in the rain.  They need a safety net.


Women leaving lifelong marriages are only one segment of society that needs a safety net, but they are a forgotten segment.  They raised their children, gave up their lives when they were young and finally want their lives back.  There should be a way to repay them for the sacrifices they made instead of the opinion that they should do anything to make money and live in loveless abusive situations because to leave them would be financially committing suicide.  But in the end there are a million ways to commit suicide and at least a financial one allows a way back.  What about those women who find no other way but to crash and burn one final time? Think about those ladies and your mother the next time you bemoan safety nets like welfare, and domestic violence centers, and Planned Parenthood, and Medicare.  There are people out there who need them and they could be YOUR mother.

And before you think stop feeling sorry for yourself, I don’t feel sorry for myself.  I’m a working artist with a new start on the horizon.  The world is my oyster and I am appreciative of every single lesson I learned in the last year.  I just thought a different perspective than the one being offered by the right wing of the republican party should be addressed as I’m sure there are lovely republican women trapped in loveless marriages with no way out also.

I believe in a place called hope.  I believe in a place where ordinary people can do extraordinary things to help bring people back together.   I believe that people have been torn apart by their ideals, which have been co-opted by powerful people whose job is to divide and conquer.


I believe in a loving God.  I believe in a loving universe.  I believe in a world where Jesus feeds the hungry instead of supply side economics. How can we say we are Christian, Islamic, or any other religion and think that it is a good thing to have whole sections of the world living in hunger and famine?


I believe in a world where one crazy person with a gun cannot inflict so much pain in so many people in so little time.  How is it possible that in a world created by love, the right to have a gun can be used in such a way that year after year one crazy person with a gun can go on a shooting rampage and change the lives of hundreds of people?  Every person who had a child lost at Colombine has had a life that has been diminished by the loss of that one child.  Every person on the streets of Chicago who has lost a child to gun violence has had a life diminished by the loss of that one child.  Every person in Aurora who had a child killed by a man who believed he was the Joker in a Batman movie has had their lives diminished by the loss of a child.  How is it possible that a man mentally disabled enough to think he is a character in a movie is able to buy a gun in the first place?  Year after year we say prayers and have vigils and nothing gets done and more of our children die. They stopped the campaign for a day but does anybody think that either the Obama campaign or the Romney campaign will take on the NRA?  No.  We all cry for a day or two and then we think about our own rights to protect our own houses and we allow people who shouldn’t be able to buy guns to go out and buy them.  When do the gun owners who only use their guns responsibly say enough is enough and use their voices to stop the hold the NRA has on our politics?


I believe in a world where 19 people cannot fly a plane into a building and start a decade of carnage, greed, death and destruction so huge and so vast that complete religions which all started with the same universal laws pick sides and cheer on the warriors.  In the 10 years since 9/11 how many people have died because of those 19 lives?  How many people have decided to avenge the deaths of their children and have turned against a country which was loved in those days following 9/11 because they don’t understand why they had to lose their son or daughter to 19 hijackers a world away?    I believe in a world where we honor the military but only use their services in the way that would reflect what most people believe in.  In the 1940s a war was used to erase one sick man’s twisted version of the world.  He was able to make an entire country believe it was in their best interest to round up an entire religion and eliminate it.  I learned about that when I was in the 5th grade and yet isn’t that what we are doing to the Islamic religion today?  There are loving and peaceful Muslims who love their children enough to seek peace.


I could write a book on the world issues that plague us at this time in history.  There are so many things the people of the world agree about.  We are peaceful, loving people who live most of our lives in obscurity.  We wake up every morning all over the globe and love, feed and clothe our children.  We breathe the same air that blows from one continent to the next.  We make love, sleep, eat, and pray every single day with the same universal physiology.  And yet, all we hear about day after day is how different we are and how it is our rights against theirs.


I am a hand embroidery artist in Upstate NY who writes a blog, how come I can figure out these huge questions and people in power who can make a difference don’t seem to ever utter the words of my typewriter?  Why?  Isn’t any one of these children and any one of these families important enough to take on universal themes which all religions are based on?  I know I’m a little fish in a big pond called earth but really people why?


Now before you say I’m Pollyanna and only a mere mortal who embroiders for a living.  I will tell you that in my little corner of the world, I make peace with my friends and relatives who believe something different than I do every day.  I love them and look at all the things we have in common and I don’t really care whether they vote differently than I do.  I treat everyone I meet during my ordinary days with respect, compassion and a smile.  I believe every person deserves respect and compassion no matter who they are.  I practice forgiveness every day and try not to hold grudges for the most part.  I like to hug.  I get up every morning with a song in my heart and hopefully a needle in my hand.  It’s not very easy to be an artist these days.  We have become a society which values nothing except money, even Michelangelo has been knocked off ten million times.


But once again I have to ask, why am I writing this blog post and nobody in power has the same words coming out of their mouths?  It’s sad really, very sad.  As people we value the same things, as a society we value nothing.

The Answer is Love

Whenever you are unsure of your direction in life or politics or anything in-between the answer is love.

When you imagine your own child on the front lines of a war, is the answer war or peace? The answer is love.

When you imagine your child in an abusive relationship needing outside help or a step up the answer is love.

When you imagine your child in a school in the middle of the inner-city where education seems to come with high taxes and no solutions, the answer is love.

When you imagine your child sick with a treatable disease with no health insurance to bring them to the doctor, the answer is love.

When you imagine your child picking up a wrapper some careless slob just threw out of their car, the answer is love.

When you imagine your child drinking polluted water in some third world country, the answer is love.

When you imagine your child marching on the front lines in Syria for freedom, the answer is love.

When you imagine your child sleeping in Israel or Lebanon being scared to death of the sound of bombs and hatred, the answer is love.

When you imagine your child homeless because the adults in his life couldn’t get their acts together, the answer is love.

No matter what the question is, no matter what your ideology is, no matter what your beliefs are the answer is love.

When it is your child that is affected by the actions or inactions of our government the answer is love.  Don’t accept these sorry campaign promises that get lost the minute the politician reaches his destination.  Close your eyes and think but for the grace of god that could be my child being affected by the mistakes of an unsupervised, uncooperative, unimaginative government and the answer is and always will be love.

This Election Season

I think in looking at this election season we have to think about the greater good.   Since the new millennium it seems we are stuck in some kind of echo chamber which parrots our beliefs no matter what we believe.   I think we have to go beyond that this time around.

Do you want your kids to have health insurance?  Do you want them to have a college education?  Do you want them to be safe on the streets, have food to eat, clean water to drink?  Or do you want an end to taxes?  Do you look at everything as I’ve got mine I don’t care what the kid in that neighborhood has?  IMO the last question is the easiest to answer, the answer is a large and collective no.  Every person has charity in their hearts or the majority of them anyway.  Yet we listen to the mantra of both left and right and we forget about the huge majority in the center, the large and collective no.

In my opinion, the huge majority in the center realizes that our government is broken and it isn’t working for nearly enough people.  With all the technology that abounds we are sent subliminal messages that color our thought processes and place blame on either the President or the rest of the government that isn’t working.  They are all to blame, each and every one of them.  Now the question is who do we choose?

I will choose someone wh0 picks educating our children over war mongering.  I will choose someone who believes the welfare for one who needs it is worth the welfare cheats who don’t.  I will choose someone who believes every sick child needs health care, they did not choose to be born to someone who’s unable to provide it for them.  I believe in feeding the hungry, housing the homeless.  Most of all I believe in a politician who believes in something.  Not one that can be bought by big oil, or large pharmaceutical companies, or who pits one American against another.  If you call yourself an American you should at least believe the United in United States means something. Shouldn’t you?

Who is that person?  I won’t give my opinion because it’s my opinion and everyone has one.  But ask yourself the important questions about how you would feel if you were one of the them as in us versus them?  Then the answers are very easy.  If it were your child there really is only one answer.  The politician corrupted by the system or the politician corrupted by the huge companies that call his name, look at how the extremes vote and how they talk and ask yourself do you want social justice or a class system where only productive people who have found a way to make lots of money live in a world where only their children deserve these benefits.

Eventually every child interacts with every other child, don’t you want your children to interact with children who have a future?  I do.

Reset Button

Starting over seem be my words of the day.  As I was getting ready to move on to the artist part of my day, I realized that I wish I could just press a reset button and make the whole 12 years of this millennium go away in the world of politics.  The 2000 election started this millennium off in a divisive way, 9/11 brought us back together for a short time, and ever since it seems like we are just stuck with the government we elected.

There are so many things that unite us as Americans, so many things we agree on and yet there are so many arguments about politics, religion and the moral decline of our nation.  In my opinion I think we should ponder how we, our own personal one, add to that division.  I am a liberal leaning centrist.  I think that many of the issues of today could be solved if politicians would remember that the majority of the people live in the center and those people are hurting because of their inability to get anything done in Washington.

I know most of what rules politics is the base and ideology but why does it have to be that way?  The same people who tithe 10% of their income to their church to do the work government basically does, are the same people who don’t want to pay extra taxes to help those same people who they help through their church.  Isn’t there a way to bridge that gap?

Religion has been a huge topic in the new millennium too.  It started with Islamic extremists flying a plane into three buildings on 9/11.  It was all done by 19 men and probably a couple hundred more helping to plan it.  But the majority of Muslims don’t believe that or there would have been a continuation of 9/11 over and over again in the last 10 years.  There hasn’t been, but still people are afraid.  The religious right is also wrong.  Yes I believe in Jesus but since I also believe that all religion is based on the same universal truths does it really matter if we have a Honk for Jesus bumper sticker on our car?  Can’t we have a pray to Buddha bumper sticker next to it?  I know it’s simplistic, but it really is a simplistic question.  Even if you believe in the creation theory, these religions had to come from somewhere right?  You can go back to Abraham and find Christian, Islamic and Hebrew traditions in one family rather early in the Bible.  That seems to be a good place to start dialogue.

And finally we come to the moral issues.  The same politicians who decry gay marriage and the sanctity of marriage have a couple of ex wives and girlfriends on the side.  That’s just hypocrisy in the highest order.  They have found that the way to get re-elected is to appeal to people’s lowest common denominator, instead of finding the big pictures we all agree on.

We wake up every morning and make a choice about how we are going to spend our day.  Some make that choice alone, some make that choice with their family and some make their choices for others.  It’s that last group that has to do some soul searching and remember the responsibility they’ve been given to serve all people not just the ones that vote for them in primaries, because as long as we cater to politics of division we deserve the government we have which is one in which very little gets done.