Charity begins at home.  It begins with each and every one of us.  Why do we have so many charities for so many worthwhile causes when our government spends so much money on war?  Wouldn’t it be simpler if we paid for food stamps and education and job creation for our own people and had a charity for war?  We could use the money to educate children instead of incarcerating them.  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to spend money finding ways to feed our children? What about supplementing our family farms to feed our starving people or supplementing restaurants for their surplus food?  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to fund research into curing some clearly curable diseases instead of paying for expensive health care?  There are many holistic ways to deal with diseases that are not fatal and are quality of life diseases rather than medicating everything.  Perhaps we could get our college students to help out in early morning classes and afterschool programs.  It would give them valuable work experience and children would be more likely to understand someone who is closer to their age group.  There are so many people ready and willing to work , they volunteer every day.  Pay them and it’s a win, win. 


Wouldn’t the United States be more of a beacon to the rest of the world if it spent more time figuring out the answers to it’s domestic agenda than it would bombing another country?  It could be an experiment in how to get things done and help our neighbors.  We do it anyway when we donate to a charity or our local church so why don’t we change our priorities.  Yes I know we are a country built on innovation and the American way of finding a good paying job, going to work every day, getting our health plans, starting a business and picking ourselves up by the bootstraps but that isn’t really the way it works anymore.  There are people out of work who cannot find a job, who cannot feed their families, who cannot pay for health care all the while we are wasting our governments time and resources war mongering.   Put them to work helping others less fortunate.  Use their educations in non profits and innovation.  Help us to help ourselves, after all charity does begin at home and a functioning US is much more attractive to the world than an overbearing bully trying to shove ideals onto other countries that we don’t even practice anymore.   It’s just my opinion for what it is worth.