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In God We Trust

What does it mean? Really, does it mean spending our dollars making bombs and listening to American’s phone conversations or does it mean feeding our children, educating them, giving them a future? Have we even read our bibles? Have we even looked ourselves in the eye and ever asked the questions what would Jesus do? What would he do? We know what he would have done. He would have taken the hungry to a river sat them by the riverside and fed them. He would have said blessed are those who are poor in spirit instead of institutionalizing them. He could raise the dead not drop bombs on them. Who the hell do we think we are?

We have thrown so much money to the rich banks controlling our countries finances but we bemoan feeding hungry children. We spend so much money on the damn warmongering military industrial complex and defense industry while we bemoan buying books or saving football programs in high schools. We gutted arts education in our school, can’t things be beautiful anymore? Can’t we appreciate a hard day of work whether it comes from a banker or a cabinet maker or a hand embroidery artist?

We in a collective way don’t value people anymore. We value rich people who have learned to make their money by stepping on the backs of the people below them. We value sneakers made in China with a celebrities name on it. We value gun makers who make guns capable of shooting down an entire classroom in 5 minutes. What about the visionaries investing in our kids and their futures? Our kids don’t need freaking guns and ammo they need vegetables and books. They need the American dream.

Times have changed, we have changed. But we haven’t changed that much. Men still need a good paying job and an advocate to make sure they keep that job. Kids still need food in their bellies to think while in school, they still need a hug. They still need a trip to a museum every once in a while to remember what it was like when life was simpler. They need to remember when a man woke up in the morning and went out to a field and brought things back to feed his family or when an artist could sit for days and make a masterpiece. We have come so far in this country that unless it is our kid we don’t even care how people feed their families and how to bring back a modicum of dignity to the world.

Now don’t get me wrong the world has shifted and people, ordinary people are starting to remember the way this country was built but we are not led by the visionaries in the small towns, by the charities that feed the poor left behind, nor by the churches that struggle to make people believe. We are being led by the politicians who secretly work for the powerful, for the war mongering military industrial complex. Ten years ago we actually voted for a man who was the CEO of one of the most influential defense contractors in the world. How did that happen? When did we sell our country to nonstop war in foreign lands while our children are starving here? What has happened to our country and where is our moral compass? How did we the people of the United States allow them to steal our country right out from under our feet? We were too busy watching television and being divided down to the lowest common denominator instead of raised up in the all for one mentality. It’s time to get back to the way things used to be with the acknowledgement that people are different, they believe in different ideologies, different beliefs, and different lifestyles. But in the end we really haven’t changed all that much, we still need food, a roof over our head, a good book and someone to love. In other words we still need the American dream and in God we Trust we might just find it.


I believe in a place called hope.  I believe in a place where ordinary people can do extraordinary things to help bring people back together.   I believe that people have been torn apart by their ideals, which have been co-opted by powerful people whose job is to divide and conquer.


I believe in a loving God.  I believe in a loving universe.  I believe in a world where Jesus feeds the hungry instead of supply side economics. How can we say we are Christian, Islamic, or any other religion and think that it is a good thing to have whole sections of the world living in hunger and famine?


I believe in a world where one crazy person with a gun cannot inflict so much pain in so many people in so little time.  How is it possible that in a world created by love, the right to have a gun can be used in such a way that year after year one crazy person with a gun can go on a shooting rampage and change the lives of hundreds of people?  Every person who had a child lost at Colombine has had a life that has been diminished by the loss of that one child.  Every person on the streets of Chicago who has lost a child to gun violence has had a life diminished by the loss of that one child.  Every person in Aurora who had a child killed by a man who believed he was the Joker in a Batman movie has had their lives diminished by the loss of a child.  How is it possible that a man mentally disabled enough to think he is a character in a movie is able to buy a gun in the first place?  Year after year we say prayers and have vigils and nothing gets done and more of our children die. They stopped the campaign for a day but does anybody think that either the Obama campaign or the Romney campaign will take on the NRA?  No.  We all cry for a day or two and then we think about our own rights to protect our own houses and we allow people who shouldn’t be able to buy guns to go out and buy them.  When do the gun owners who only use their guns responsibly say enough is enough and use their voices to stop the hold the NRA has on our politics?


I believe in a world where 19 people cannot fly a plane into a building and start a decade of carnage, greed, death and destruction so huge and so vast that complete religions which all started with the same universal laws pick sides and cheer on the warriors.  In the 10 years since 9/11 how many people have died because of those 19 lives?  How many people have decided to avenge the deaths of their children and have turned against a country which was loved in those days following 9/11 because they don’t understand why they had to lose their son or daughter to 19 hijackers a world away?    I believe in a world where we honor the military but only use their services in the way that would reflect what most people believe in.  In the 1940s a war was used to erase one sick man’s twisted version of the world.  He was able to make an entire country believe it was in their best interest to round up an entire religion and eliminate it.  I learned about that when I was in the 5th grade and yet isn’t that what we are doing to the Islamic religion today?  There are loving and peaceful Muslims who love their children enough to seek peace.


I could write a book on the world issues that plague us at this time in history.  There are so many things the people of the world agree about.  We are peaceful, loving people who live most of our lives in obscurity.  We wake up every morning all over the globe and love, feed and clothe our children.  We breathe the same air that blows from one continent to the next.  We make love, sleep, eat, and pray every single day with the same universal physiology.  And yet, all we hear about day after day is how different we are and how it is our rights against theirs.


I am a hand embroidery artist in Upstate NY who writes a blog, how come I can figure out these huge questions and people in power who can make a difference don’t seem to ever utter the words of my typewriter?  Why?  Isn’t any one of these children and any one of these families important enough to take on universal themes which all religions are based on?  I know I’m a little fish in a big pond called earth but really people why?


Now before you say I’m Pollyanna and only a mere mortal who embroiders for a living.  I will tell you that in my little corner of the world, I make peace with my friends and relatives who believe something different than I do every day.  I love them and look at all the things we have in common and I don’t really care whether they vote differently than I do.  I treat everyone I meet during my ordinary days with respect, compassion and a smile.  I believe every person deserves respect and compassion no matter who they are.  I practice forgiveness every day and try not to hold grudges for the most part.  I like to hug.  I get up every morning with a song in my heart and hopefully a needle in my hand.  It’s not very easy to be an artist these days.  We have become a society which values nothing except money, even Michelangelo has been knocked off ten million times.


But once again I have to ask, why am I writing this blog post and nobody in power has the same words coming out of their mouths?  It’s sad really, very sad.  As people we value the same things, as a society we value nothing.


Black, white, red, yellow.  Colors.  Up, down, right, left.  Direction.  Rich, poor, poverty wealth. Class.  American, Iraqi, muslim, christian.  War.

How do we come up with the words we use to describe things anyway?  What bearing do these words have on us and the world around us?  Do they bring us peace?  Do they bring us war?  What is the difference in the way a poet uses words and the way a grave digger uses words?  Probably not all that much, except that the poet thinks he’s a poet and the grave digger thinks he’s a grave digger.

What we think and the words we use to describe ourselves matter.  They shouldn’t matter as much as our feelings and our hearts but they do anyway.  I’d even venture to say they matter more.  The question is why?

I think the answer behind the words is they are usually put in your head from someplace outside of your head.  They were put there when you were a child.  If someone continually called you horrible names when your little brain was forming, they are probably there when you are an adult.  You think you’re a grave digger or you are waiting for a grave to be dug.  Mind you grave diggers are very important people and probably know more about the living and how important it is, then regular every day livers of life.  They get to see the regret of people every day for either saying one word too many or one word too few.

I’m a pretty open vessel the last few months and have noticed the importance of words and where they fit in the human psyche.  Words have the ability to lift you up or knock you down so far on your butt that you can’t even figure out how to stand up again.  And then you do.  And after you get up you realize that the words spoken to you say more about the person speaking them than they say about you.

So the next time you call someone else or more importantly yourself stupid, or lazy, or fat, or crazy(my personal favorite) think of what those words mean and use the words of a poet or a gravedigger instead.  Poets and gravediggers know the importance of words about life and express them both in the same way with different titles.  They know the importance of  words left spoken or unspoken.

Speak to me of love and I am reasonably sure you will get a loving response.  Speak to me of hate and I’m sure you will get a hateful response.  Speak to me of regret and I am sure you will realize that life is too short to use words without thinking.  Think first, think peaceful, be kind later.  You don’t want to be the one that meets the poet or the grave digger with regrets.


Innocence Lost

Today there is a story in the news about a terrible boating accident where 3 children were killed on Long Island.  It got me to thinking how fragile life is and how painful it will be for their families to go on without them in their lives.

Then I thought about the terrible wars and famines and all of the other tragedies brought upon children all over the world every single day.  Their families will miss their smiles, their laughs, the joy they bring to their families and communities.  Their deaths will change everybody around them for years or perhaps a lifetime to come.  Every single human being leaves a footprint behind when they pass on.

Every life is precious.  We can learn lessons from everyone.  It is in our best interest to think about the children in other countries that are not so privileged and not on the evening news.  If a bomb drops in a town where casualties are caused does not that flame the fires of hatred and injustice no matter where that child lives.  It’s collateral damage on a cosmic scale.  It is perhaps robbing the world of another artist, another poet, another world leader.

Children are our future and if they are forgotten what does that say about us and our priorities?  Because a child is born in Africa and dies from starvation doesn’t it indirectly affect the children here in the United States.  If a child is gunned down in Chicago doesn’t that one death leave to a shift in our morals and psyche.  Innocence is lost every day all over the globe needlessly.  The death of innocence should show us how fragile and beautiful a young life can be.   A life filled with promise and an understanding of the future.

I know we can’t handle innocence lost on a singular level but perhaps wherever that innocence dies we should send a prayer and hope for a better tomorrow. We can hope for a better future and believe in the promise of a fruitful life everywhere.  We have to understand the peace and understanding of all that is lost every single day.


Go hug your children and give them an extra hug for that child somewhere who was lost somewhere else in the world.